Owners & Managers

If you are a private owner or in charge of opening a facility for your company then we want to help ensure you are maximizing the return on investment by minimizing expense throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.

How people traditionally make money when you decide on a light fixture for your project?

  1. The Manufacturer negotiates a price usually based on volume
  2. The local manufacturer representative earns a percentage of the sale from the manufacturer and may include additional markup. The local representative may be the architect who selected the fixture for you.
  3. The supply houses selling to the contractor add on their profit.
  4. Electrical contractor adds on an additional profit and overhead fee, typically about 20%. But contractors assume all risk of damage, quantity, and delivery.
  5. General contractors add on a profit and overhead percentage to the electrical contractor’s overall contract causing another light fixture price increase.

Those five industry standard steps can steer you towards a light fixture selection based on profitability over quality and add up to 100% or more to the original manufacturer’s price of a light fixture.

And that is not the worst possibility, unknown substitution can become a major future cost you were not expecting.

Several light fixtures look exactly the same but vary widely in pricing. For example let us take those 2×4 light fixtures you see in just about every suspended ceiling in every office, retail store, or basement. The architect may have selected one with a longer warranty to ensure less maintenance, better components to reduce ballast noise, or several other variables. This fixture normally sells for $135.00, but the low-end fixture that looks identical from floor level cost $45.00. A seasoned electrician can’t tell them apart without finding a model number or taking the fixture apart so how could you?

Simple, take the opportunity for markup and substitution out of their hands by using Affinity to purchase you fixtures.

Affinity will provide all or any of the needed services listed below:

  • Replace or retrofit evaluation – We will visit your facility and make a thorough report based on actual power usage readings, estimated power usage after replacement, available utility rebates, replacement fixture cost, expected installation cost, and future maintenance cost. Don’t guess about spending thousands of dollars.
  • Specified product evaluation – Just because your architect selected your light fixtures, our you found a style you like in a catalog, does not mean there may not be better alternatives. We will evaluate, compare, and even request bids on your pre-selected light fixtures to ensure that there are no alternatives that look identical or acceptably similar with a better quality or value. We will present a side by side comparison of what we find for your evaluation. We may save you thousands or at least give you written peace of mind that the best has already been selected.
  • Product selection – We are happy to work with you and/or your architect or designer to ensure you are selecting the best product for your projects.
  • Utility rebates – We will provide you with the information or take care of the entire rebate process for you.
  • Product purchasing – We have some commonly used fixtures available from our premium manufacturers that allow us to purchase at manufacturer direct pricing. Or we can negotiate national level pricing with your selected manufacturer who may require a local representative fee based on contractual obligations. We have no preference. Direct owner purchasing reduces markup as listed above, along with unknown substitutions. We will provide the appropriate language and information for your blueprints and contractor bidding requirements. (When purchased through Affinity the below services are automatically included.)
  • Delivery and Contractor coordination – We will ensure the contractor has all the information available on the fixtures selected, Notify the contractor of all expected lead times and coordinate delivery dates, ensure the contractor fully understands the typical delivery process and has manpower, equipment, or storage containers available if needed. We will be their main contact for any information related to fixtures. Our National buying power helps ensure manufacturers stick to delivery promises.
  • Warranty and Shipping issues – In the unfortunate event that something is damaged in shipping or needs to be claimed on a manufacturer warranty, we will help during every step of the process.
  • Product information retainage – If all of your fixtures are ordered through Affinity and maintenance needs parts in 10 years, or another contractor needs to match lighting for a remodel or addition, they just have to contact Affinity.

Our goals are to eliminate construction related complications, reduce initial cost and/or improve the product, and decrease long-term maintenance cost.

PRICING – We have a mix of hourly and percentage based fees depending on the services requested. Please call for a quote based on your project.