Affinity strives to offer a better product at lower cost by cutting out some of the middle man upcharges.

Our premium manufacturer products listed on this site have a 5 year or greater manufacturers warranty. If you are looking for something to compete with large manufacturers low-end products or the big box stores, then we may not be the correct choice.

Send us your prints and we will bid your entire lighting package to specs.

We do not stop at providing the fixtures, we want to ensure that you have the best product when you need it. We offer both pre and post-acquisition services:

  • Help finding the right light fixture for your customer
  • Bids that include substitutions of higher quality fixtures at a similar or better price.
  • Help with shipping schedules.
  • Help with manufacturer warranty issues.

Call or email, we just want to lower your cost and/or allow you to offer your customer a better product.