Affinity does pay Architects a representative fee. It is not a secret, we believe that it is the most cost effective advertising available for our limited market segment. Besides our savings and service will probably be so outstanding that you add your Architect to your BFF list for referring us.

How it works

  • Specify our promoted fixtures with contact information and earn a percentage of the sale. Typical manufacturers representative situation.
  • Send us a copy of the prints and include “Bid package available through Affinity Lighting (include contact information)” on the prints or specifications. We will assemble a bid package for all specified lighting, no matter the manufacturer, and pay you a percentage of anything sold. Typical referral situation.
  • Send us a list of perspective bidders with contact information and we will pay a percentage of anything sold.
  • Introduce us to your customer and we will pay you a small percentage of any fees generated from the introduction.
  • Hire us directly to supplement your services.

This program is designed to reduce the customers overall cost.

For more information or to send prints please email