Affinty Lighting

Providing the best fixtures at the best pricing, where you what them when you want them.

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Fixtures – We offer a selection from our preferred manufacturers, but we can purchase any fixture you select from any manufacturer. Our wholesale status and national presence allows us to negotiate better pricing.

Quality – Many identical or nearly identical fixtures are offered by several manufacturers. We sell or recommend alternates based on manufacturer warranty, lumens per watt, and third party certification.

Delivery Coordination – It is not uncommon for commercial/industrial fixtures on a project have widely varying delivery dates. Some fixtures on your project may be stock items and ready for immediate shipping and others may have an 8 week lead time. We help manage these aspects and more.

Doing a 1000 square foot white box or coordinating 100 new facilities, we will save you money. Even if you have your own in-house construction and purchasing departments!

Our Services Menu: We can do it all or only what you need.

  • Light fixture selection – New, remodel, or retrofit.
  • Lighting upgrade evaluation – Should you replace or retrofit your existing fixtures? We can provide a comprehensive inspection and report, including cost vs return on investment projections. Don’t assume that you will save money, know the facts.
  • Light fixture alternate search – Are the architect selected fixtures really the best ones for utility rebates or long-term return on investment?
  • Purchasing – We can provide purchasing services that greatly lower the overall budget plus eliminate the dreaded unknown substitutions. (More info on the Owner page)
  • Delivery coordination – You don’t want your light fixtures to sit around an active construction site because they were delivered 3 weeks early. Or worse, nobody realized that some fixtures had a 8 week lead time on a 6 week project.
  • Utility or State rebate research and application – You would be surprised at how much money is available for something you were going to do anyway. You would also be surprised by how much is lost due to improper procedures relating to the required process.
  • Delivery or Warranty claims – We will help coordinate and stay on top of these unfortunate issues if they arise.